Do you have an idea for dietary supplement content on social media?

Dietary Supplement Social Media Marketing

When you have a social media identity for your dietary supplement business, social media users can engage with your brand. This builds trust for your brand. It also reaches out to your followers’ friends, who see their engagement with your brand. As a result, dietary supplement social media marketing can bring you more customers. If you combine inbound and outbound marketing strategies, you’ll see even better results.

The Butterfly Effect and Dietary Supplement Social Media Marketing

Generally, contacts who follow your site have social media “friends.” By connecting with one social media user, your posts reach their friends. Their friends, in all likelihood, will also qualify to purchase your dietary supplements.

Why? Because people with similar interests buy similar products. Shared interests, according to research described in The Telegraph, draw social media users together:

Millions of people are members of online social networks such as Facebook, or Twitter, where they join ‘groups’ according to their likes, or hobbies. … This phenomenon leads to friends being grouped more and more by cliques.

Communicating with your followers gets your posts in front of many more people. That magnifies your dietary supplement social media marketing efforts; it’s like the butterfly effect.

Generate Trust Among Clients and Potential Clients

Interacting with social media page visitors helps them feel appreciated and heard. Also, satisfied clients provide some of the best promotional material. For example, this post on BioSchwartz’ Facebook page, shows the client’s enthusiasm for the product. Note how it also attracts engagement from other users. As a result, BioSchwartz’ customers do the advertising for free.

Do you have a social media marketing idea for your dietary supplement?
Facebook testimony of dietary supplements.

Even complainers can become promoters. When you address complaints right on the social media website, page followers see that you care.

You can learn, “How to Handle Customer Complaints Via Social Media,” on Social Media Examiner. When page visitors see that your business effectively handles complaints and other issues, brand trust grows.

A Chat Window Can Boost Your One-on-One Interaction

Social media chat windows provide more private, personalized interaction for trolls as well as interested visitors. Doctor’s Best’ Facebook page, for example, includes an ever-present chat box. Note that it contains clickable frequently asked questions (FAQs) that make for easy conversation starters.

Looking for a writer for your social media content on dietary supplements?
A chat window on your social media platform can increase engagement with potential customers. It can also hide negative comments.

Chat makes it easy for page visitors to start a conversation. According to conversational marketing and sales platform expert, Drift,

  • “31% of people are more likely to make a purchase after having a live chat conversation,” and,
  • “chatting with a live agent results in a 19% increase in average order value (compared to self-service checkout).”

Dietary Supplement Social Media Marketing with Social Media Management Software

Regular, periodic posting on your dietary supplement business’ social media networks keeps followers interested and engaged. Because paid and unpaid competition abounds in these platforms, if you don’t post, someone else will take advantage of the gaps. Post regularly to keep your followers from drifting to other dietary supplement brands.

Dietary Supplement Social Media Marketing Post Frequency

How often should you post? That’s a tough question. Expert opinions range from “very little” to “very often.”

However, social media marketing software and platforms can help with scheduling. HootSuite and Buffer, for example, both provide mechanisms to allow you to schedule posts over time. That helps you schedule regular posts throughout the month.

Do you already have an idea of what type of copy your dietary supplement social media marketing campaign needs? Talk to a writer about it.
Social media marketing platforms, like Buffer, can help your dietary supplement social media marketing efforts.

Social media management (SMM) platform, Coschedule even claims that it’s software “can intelligently fill [your post calendar] for you [to] keep your social schedule consistent and promote your best content…” It uses intelligent scheduling, based on your post analytics, to make scheduling decisions for you.

Social Media Marketing and Your Budget

Regardless of your budget, you can find social media management software or platforms to meet your needs. Both HootSuite and Buffer offer free versions of their platforms. Free versions allow up to three social media identities each. Coschedule offers a free 14-day trial and a low-cost option involving a referral program.

Of course, paid versions offer more features, but many users do not need all of the features. If you have a dietary supplement social media marketing budget, all three platforms and other platforms have more versatile options.

Do try the free versions, though. For most small dietary supplement businesses, the free versions are just fine.

If your dietary supplement social media marketing budget allows, hiring a writer specialized in compliant dietary supplement copy can help. An expert can quickly generate copy geared specifically for your consumer audience. If your writer has search engine optimization (SEO) skills, SEO text can increase the number of viewers who see your content.

Use Social Media Platforms Effectively for Your Dietary Supplement Audience

Your dietary supplements appeal more to some demographic groups than others. You probably know some of the people who buy and use your products. If not, you should probably do some research on the subject.

One such study, in the Journal of the American Board of Family Practice, determined that most of the customers in two health food stores were:

  • white (94.1%)
  • female (75.7%)
  • with at least one year of college education (70.6%)
  • with health insurance (95.6%) and
  • seeing a physician regularly (85.3%)

A dietary supplement social media marketing specialist for the two stores could use that information to focus his or her dietary supplement marketing social media campaign. In this case, Facebook, predominated by female users, might be a good start. With 2.20 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2018, according to its Newsroom, it has an enormous audience.

Remarketing your Dietary Supplement Social Media Posts

Also, the Facebook Pixel on your website can add to your SMM ROI. Used with your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads, you can set up specific target audiences.

The pixel does this based on your current customer data. It uses your customer population to create a look-alike audience. This population consists of people with similar demographics. Such remarketing gets your Facebook ads in front of the most qualified viewers.

Learn about Facebook Pixel
If you already use Facebook ads, you’ll get a greater ROI by using the Facebook Pixel.

If your supplements appeal to older consumers, some networks might not work well. Instagram, for example, appeals mainly to younger users, according to SocialSprout.

However, LinkedIn might provide an effective social media audience for your product. The platform appeals to professionals. Remarketing provides an excellent method of hitting the target audience on LinkedIn.



You can use social media to increase engagement with highly qualified dietary supplement product consumers. Social media platforms can help you expand your existing supplement customer base, generate trust, and increase engagement. SMM software for your dietary supplement content can increase the efficiency of creating, scheduling, and publishing posts. With regular posting, you’ll retain more followers and grow loyalty among them.

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