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A Professional Blog Writer Can Boost Your Business’s ROI

A professional blog writer can boost your business’ return on investment (ROI) by quickly and efficiently adding search engine optimized (SEO) content to your business website. The right writer can put together interesting, entertaining, and informative posts and keep website visitors coming back for more.

Regardless of what type of eCommerce business your website supports,  adding a blog or expanding your current blog content can help you increase traffic and conversions on your website. Regularly updated, quality content draws search engine traffic and encourages engagement on websites, according to Backlinko. Assigning a professional blogger to your website keeps your blog active.

By investing in a professional blog writer with experience in marketing and SEO, you can transform your website from a liability to a revenue-generating asset. Here are a few ways that a professional blog writer can help your business turn a profit.

Factors Contributing to ROI with a Professional Blog Writer

When you hire a professional of any type, you expect professional quality products and services. You want to see your ROI soon after your business lays out the cash to bring those products and services into play.

Here are some of the benefits that should increase your business’ ROI when you hire a professional blog writer.

1. A Professional Blog Writer Should Deliver Quality Copy

You should expect your pro blogger to provide you with the best quality copy, or text, possible. Improved text quality helps build the traffic, conversions, and customer quality. All of these factors generate higher revenue for your company.

A professional blog writer has the skills, tools, and knowledge to ensure you technically and stylistically correct copy. Your blog writer can provide you with post copy characterized by …

  • Technically and stylistically correct texts, with grammar, spelling, and formatting that fits your blog’s style guidelines
  • Original, plagiarism free copy
  • Interesting content with entertaining and engaging language

2. A Professional Blogger Should Deliver SEO-Ready Copy

An experienced professional blog writer knows that blogging and SEO go hand-in-hand. Inbound marketing expert, Hubspot reported that “Businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those who don’t.”

Your blog post copywriter should understand state-of-the-art inbound marketing. He or she should provide each post with …

  • primary and secondary keywords 
  • title tags
  • meta descriptions
  • SEO title
  • SEO subheadings
  • balanced, natural-sounding keyword use in post copy
Your professional blog writer should have SEO experience. 

When it comes to SEO, your writer can team up with your marketers to help them improve their marketing strategy. By devising better, more complete copy, they can, as a team,

  • bring more visitors to your website
  • increase the percentage of visitors that convert to leads and customers
  • improve the quality of the customers trickling into your sales funnel and, consequently, 
  • generate more revenue

3. Your Blog Writer Should Write Persona-Friendly Copy.

Your blogger should write every piece to fulfill the needs of your business’ prospects, leads, and customers. Texts must delight and engage readers, and they must help them meet their goals as they relate to the buyer’s journey, says Hubspot.

Learn more about customer delight by joining Hubspot.
Join Hubspot.

Quality blog copy should …

  • increase website traffic
  • bring about longer visitor retention
  • reduce click-aways
  • increase conversions, and, finally,
  • increase the quality of customers moving through your sales funnel.

Your writer can help you put together blog posts that have been written …

  • at the correct reading level
  • in the tone and voice that best suits your audience and objectives

4. By Outsourcing a Blog Writer, You Bring External Objectivity to Your Business

Whenever you bring an outsider into your business, you have an opportunity to work with that person as an objective sounding board. You can take advantage of a fresh point of view. A skilled writer who works with your team proactively serves as another team member.

A smart writer works proactively.
A proactive writer acts as a sounding board for business teams.

Writer-staff interviews and collaborative editing provide the writer with content, and they give staff members a medium to externalize their ideas. This process helps them develop and improve their understanding, mindset, and ability to communicate with others. A sharp writer can turn those ideas into writing.

Professional blog writers also use many state-of-the-art tools to help them objectively analyze existing content so that they can improve upon it. Tools may include

  • style-checkers
  • plagiarism checkers
  • grammar checkers
  • reading level analyses
  • web crawlers
  • gap analysis templates
  • SEO plugins

Full-service writers may even offer content audits and gap analysis. These tools help objectively review website content and help their clients improve and compliment their existing website copy.

5. Expect a Professional Blog Post Writer to Bring Profitable Ideas to Your Business

Blog writers who have been in the field a while have seen blog and marketing technology diversify explosively since the turn of the century. While your business’ staff may be busy focusing on products and services, professional writers keep an eye on the evolving marketing and writing strategies related to the internet of things (IoT).

Professional bloggers know how to make prospects aware.
A professional blog writer keeps up to date on the internet of things as they relate to marketing.

A writer who has done due diligence can suggest blogging and marketing strategies to help your business blog grow. In addition, as an outsider, your writer may see your current blogging strategy with fresh eyes to help expand and improve it.

6. When You Hire a Writer for Your Blog, You Make Better Use of Your Staff Payroll

It seems that business people today have more work and tighter budgets than at any time in recent history. Eliminating distracting tasks can help employees stay on track and work more efficiently.

Increased productivity means higher ROI.
When your employees work with a proactive professional blog writer, they’ll have more time to concentrate on their own work.

When an outsourced writer joins a business to take on writing that business staff have traditionally done, team leaders can make better use of their employees’ time and expertise. They will no longer spend hours coming up with new blog post ideas and developing texts. Engineers will spend their time engineering; cooks will spend their time cooking; and supervisors will spend their time supervising.

When writers write, everyone else gets to do what they do best. That means efficiency, and efficiency means higher productivity and stronger ROI. It also means less money spent paying employees to write … something that they may not enjoy or do as efficiently as their normal duties.

A writer who knows how to work proactively keeps interviews and collaborative editing short and effective. He or she understands how to turn your team’s ideas into writing. Properly managed, blog-generating work sessions can serve to exchange ideas, improving communication about your business’ workings.

7. A Dedicated Writer Keeps Your Blog Moving

Blogs fail for many reasons. Neil Patel noted that many blogs fail because …

  1. Businesses don’t take them seriously.
  2. Also, blog writers fail to post engaging content.
  3. Marketers, furthermore, sometimes don’t make an effort to promote them.
  4. Finally, some new blog content just doesn’t offer anything that’s not already online.

In contrast, by having a professional blog writer onboard, you ensure that your blog will not fail as a result of any of these reasons. First of all, your writer, depending 100% on income from writing blog posts, will take your blog seriously.

Secondly, you can expect engaging content from your writer. That’s his or her job.

Hire a professional blogger to keep your blog active.
Most blogs fail. A professional blog writer can help ensure that yours succeeds.

Thirdly, your writer should be working with your marketing team. The blog writer helps ensure that each post receives adequate promotional effort. In fact, the writer may play an important role in developing the copy for related outbound advertising and inbound social media marketing. Blog writers with social media and ad copy experience can develop a number of effective posts and ads for each blog post.

Finally, a dedicated writer can take the time to review content that already exists online. A blog writer can go the extra mile to ensure that your posts contain more accurate, newer, higher quality references than those of the competition. A writer with well-developed research skills can find content gaps across the industry and make sure that your blog fills them.

The Bottom Line: Your Blog Writer and ROI

These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a writer for your blog. But how do you know if the money that you invest in a true professional writer will bring you a significant ROI?

To hire a writer, your business will need to an initial cash outlay, so it’s important to look at the investment quantitatively, as ROI on a marketing campaign:

  • On average, how many visitors does your site receive monthly? 
  • How many leads does your site generate each month?
  • What percentage of those leads are qualified?
  • What’s your close rate on the qualified leads?
  • What’s the average lifetime value of a customer?

If you can answer these questions, you’re well on your way to determining if hiring a professional blogger. Hence, a business that makes $1,000 per customer each year, with customers an having an average lifetime of seven years, for example, has customers with an average customer lifetime value of $7,000.

Hire a professional blog writer and get it done right.
Professionally written copy can turn a blog into an asset.

Hubspot suggests that businesses begin to see the fruits of inbound marketing eight months after initiating a campaign. A business, like that described above, might begin seeing a return on investment within a few quarters.

An experienced blog content writer can …

  • audit your website content
  • provide you with an editorial calendar to fill in your website’s content gaps and, above all
  • generate the copy, or text, that your website and blog need to improve SEO and better meet the needs of prospects and clients visiting the website

A well-executed inbound marketing campaign can generate traffic and support conversions to allow you to recover your investment in a professional blog writer. Talk to a writer and run the numbers to see how quickly you can expect a ROI from a professional blogger.

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