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Copywriter, Jeffrey Bacon published his first article at age 16. And, he has been writing and publishing ever since. Today he focuses on copywriting, including …

  • FDA and FTC compliant copy for dietary supplement companies
  • blog writing in the insurance B2B and retail industries (B2C)


Copywriter, Jeffrey Bacon Writes for Diverse Media

Bacon writes copy for diverse media:

  • blogs
  • web pages
  • white papers
  • email campaigns
  • press releases
  • social media
  • articles
  • internal communications
  • flyers, brochures, articles, & other print media

FDA Compliance & Copywriting for Dietary Supplement Companies

FDA Compliance & Copywriting
Jeffrey Bacon founded FDA C&C specifically for dietary supplement businesses.

In 2014, a dietary supplement company hired copywriter, Jeffrey Bacon. And, the business needed website and social media content.

Of course, supplement marketing requires Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant copy. So, together they researched and generated FDA compliant copy.

They also incorporated a solid search engine optimization (SEO) scheme into the strategy. As a result, the company’s social media following skyrocketed. It climbed from about 200 followers to over 12,000, or 600%!

Sales jumped too. And, the business grew from a brother-sister enterprise to a full-scale international supplement company. So, FDA C&C began helping other dietary supplement companies grow their brands. Today, FDA C&C assists dietary supplement companies, business owners, and marketers.

And, of course, FDA and FTC compliance walk hand-in-hand. So, FDA C&C work also takes into account Federal Trade Commission (FTC) truth-in-advertising regulations.

Jeffrey Bacon has written FDA compliant website copy for companies that market

  • protein powders
  • vitamin supplements for children with special needs
  • natural supplements for occasional heartburn
  • brain boosting supplements
  • supplements for occasional prostate dysfunction
  • ayurvedic supplements
  • dietary supplements for vegans
  • and more

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Jeffrey Bacon Writing Services
Kirkland IL 60146
(815) 764-7891

General Copywriting Services: jeffrey.bacon@jeffreybaconwritingservices.com

FDA / FTC Compliant Copywriting Services for Dietary Supplement Companies: fdacnc@gmail.com


Jeffrey Bacon

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Contact Copywriter, Jeffrey Bacon

For more information about writing services contact copywriter, Jeffrey Bacon. Send a message to my email. Or, if you already have an idea that you would like to turn into writing, send a message via my contact page.

Likewise, dietary supplement business owners and marketers can reach FDA Compliance & Copywriting via the website, fda-cnc.com. And, if you prefer email, write Jeffrey directly via his compliance and copywriting branch email, fdacnc@gmail.com.