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How do we help dietary supplement and nutraceutical businesses with FDA compliant copy, or text? We founded Federal Dietary Supplement Assistance Consulting & Copywriting (FDA C&C) to help businesses comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) product marketing regulations. We help put together dietary supplement and nutraceutical …

  • product labels
  • websites
  • ecommerce product descriptions
  • blogs
  • social media pages
  • social media influencer posts
  • advertisements
  • print documents

FDA Compliant Copywriting Hedges Risks

By keeping your marketing assets compliant, you protect your business investment. Non-compliant infringement of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) or the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) threatens businesses through:

  • FDA warning letters
  • FTC warning letters
  • Product recalls
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Consumer advocate group actions
  • Bad press

What About the FTC Truth in Advertising Laws?

In addition to the FDA, with the FDCA and DSHEA, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), through its Truth in Advertising Law, also regulates dietary supplement marketing. That’s why we integrate FTC compliance with our FDA compliant copywriting.

FDA C&C Services

Aside from copywriting services, FDA C&C offers a number of services:

  • FDA Compliant Copywriting
  • Copy editing
  • Review of existing copy for compliance issues
  • Compliance report writing
  • Ongoing compliance consulting

If you plan on getting labels or content out during the next few months, but not sure which services you’ll need, consider ongoing compliance consulting. It’s like having an in-house FDA Marketing Compliance Agent for your dietary supplement business.

Ongoing Consulting and Copywriting

If your business needs labels or online content on a regular basis, ongoing consulting and FDA copywriting might be the best option. Through a six-, 12-, 18-month retainer contract, you can have up to 15 hours of dedicated FDA compliance consulting and copywriting.

It’s like having your own FDA compliance on staff, but without the hassles of payroll and benefits. A single monthly or bi-weekly payment covers your dietary supplement copy (text) compliance needs.

Find out more about FDA compliant copywriting service on the FDA C&C website. Feel free to ask questions about our other services. Also tell us about your compliance needs and project ideas to see if your business qualifies for FDA C&C compliance services.