To market your dietary supplements, you need to get your ideas into words. Marketing collateral and business projects begin as words. Until they get into writing, they just keep turning around and around in your head. Let’s turn your ideas into compliant dietary supplement writing.

Tell me about your idea for compliant text.

FDA & FTC Compliant Dietary Supplement Writing

By crafting compliant dietary supplement writing, I help my clients get their marketing ideas out of their heads. I conduct the research and help them turn their ideas into writing so they can meet standards set by the

Let’s get your dietary supplement business ideas out of your head and into compliant dietary supplement writing. From your ideas, I can write texts to help your business generate compliant marketing collateral:

  • website copy
  • product pages
  • landing pages
  • product labels
  • blogs
  • whitepapers
  • social media posts
  • pdfs
  • product labels
  • product usage instructions
  • employee training manuals and guides
  • printed brochures, flyers, signs, and handouts


Tell me your ideas for compliant dietary supplement writing
Compliant dietary supplement writing requires an understanding of the FDA regulations, like DSHEA, and FTC’s Truth in Marketing Law.

Compliant, Yet Interesting!

I have read legal lingo enough to know that copying and pasting text out of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) and pasting it onto your website will not fill your shopping carts to the brim. I enjoy writing, editing, and publishing and have been doing so for decades to ensure clients:

  • quality writing
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • interesting and engaging text
  • well-written and grammatically correct copy
  • convincing or persuasive ad phrasing
  • plagiarism-free content
  • understandable and concise descriptions
  • informative or instructive blogs
  • problem-solving and effective whitepapers
  • motivational and entertaining social media posts


Ask a professional writer about compliant dietary supplement writing.
Failure to use compliant dietary supplement writing can have grave legal consequences.

Crafting Compliant Dietary Supplement Writing for Marketing Collateral

Tell me about your idea for compliant text.

Also, I keep up with SEO and inbound marketing trends because I want my work to help you …

  • build your business’ brand
  • drive traffic to your website
  • generate a return on investment (ROI)
  • establish your business’ authority
  • get your website noticed by
    • search engines
    • dietary supplement consumers
  • solicit funding and support
  • reach customers and clients
    • in your vicinity
    • worldwide


Tell me about marketing ideas you want to see in compliant dietary supplement writing
The ingredients for effective marketing lay in compliant dietary supplement writing.

Tell me about your idea for compliant text.

FDA & FTC Regulation of Compliant Dietary Supplement Writing

Dietary supplement product and service providers face staggering compliance obstacles. However, even in a legal environment that forbids you from saying that a supplement prevents arteriosclerosis or cures the common cold, I can help craft copy to comply with FTC and FDA guidelines.

Part of my work with you involves nurturing myself with the latest, most relevant dietary supplement industry news and information.  I keep up on announcements related to these key regulations affecting the dietary supplement market:

Once we talk about your ideas to promote and protect your business, I conduct research relevant to your business situation. As a professional writer 100% dedicated to compliant dietary supplement writing, I take the time and make the effort to study policy.

For every assignment, I conduct research. While I write, you can focus on your business.


Compliant Dietary Supplement Writing & Marketing Collateral

Lisa Magloff on the news site, Chron, effectively describes marketing collateral:

Anything that helps promote a product or brand or keeps the company’s product or name in the forefront of people’s minds can be used as marketing collateral.

The FDA and FTC regulate anything that your dietary supplement product or service business promotes or advocates, including …

Tell me about ideas for which your business needs compliant dietary supplement writing.
Make sure non-compliant non-compliant dietary supplement writing ends up here.
  • ads
  • newsletters
  • blogs
  • emails
  • websites and pages
  • product descriptions
  • whitepapers and other pdfs
  • product labels and packaging
  • promotional clothing, mugs, pens, etc.
  • business cards, flyers, handouts, brochures, pamphlets, and even many paper letters, memos, and technical reports

Basically, that means that if your content gets away from your desk, it’s probably regulated by the FTC and FDA. Tip: shred, shred, shred … before it gets off your desk!


Does the FTC Monitor Blogs?

Although the FTC states that it generally does not monitor bloggers, it warns that, “if concerns about possible violations of the FTC Act come to our attention, we evaluate them case by case.” I work with blogs and bloggers to ensure FTC and FDA compliance.

Compliant Dietary Supplement Writing for Inbound & Content Marketing

Dietary supplement product web pages and posts need effective marketing strategies and search engine optimization, just like any other online product or service. That’s why I keep up with marketing trends, including SEO, to give my clients the edge in highly competitive markets.

Compliant Dietary Supplement Writing for Websites: Inbound & Content Marketing

✓ Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification

Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Certification verifies that certificate holders have an understanding of how to attract customers through relevant, engaging online content. For example, the following text, targeted toward female readers interested in their health and the use of environmentally friendly botanical dietary supplements of the Amazon Rainforest:

Like the everchanging moon, women wax and wane through their hormonal cycle each month. This normal, healthy process requires that their nutritional balance varies from that of the male. South Americans have long enjoyed the nutritional benefits of rainforest remedies to support monthly female hormone cycles, fertility, energy, and libido.

The content served to attract the Facebook page followers to read about a dietary supplement that supports female hormone health. It speaks to them in an earthy voice suited to women in tune with their bodies and environment.

✓ Hubspot Academy Content Marketing Certification

Hubspot Academy’s Content Marketing Certificate training teaches participants to develop “scalable, repeatable processes” to develop and market to convert website visitors into leads and new customers. By employing expert tactics to plan and create content for your dietary supplement website and blog, content marketing aims to help businesses attain ROI by getting more value out of their content assets.

Tell me about your idea for compliant text.

SEO & Compliant Dietary Supplement Writing

I use a few SEO tools to help me embed effective SEO strategies into your written copy:

What ideas do you want to turn into writing with SEO?
I take advantage of Yoast Premium SEO when working in WordPress.

✓ Yoast Premium SEO

I use the Yoast Premium SEO Plugin with all of my own website pages and posts, and I encourage my clients to do so. To clients who choose to have me work directly in WordPress, using the Yoast Premium SEO Plugin, I can provide Yoast-enhanced …

  • Keyword optimization
    • Google, Facebook, and Twitter previews.
  • Readability check
    • based upon the Flesch Reading Ease score.
  • Breadcrumbs
    • primary category labeling
    • page taxonomy
  • Duplicate content avoidance
    • canonical URLs to facilitate web spider navigation
  • Frequent Google algorithm updates
  • Improved Internal linking
  • Keyword suggestions from within developed text
  • Automatic redirects when changing URLs
    • No more annoying “404 Not Found” warnings
    • Improves page rank
  • Yoast Premium focus keyword feedback

Let’s get that idea out of your head and into writing.

Tell me about your idea for compliant text.