Hire a Blog Writer with Experience

A properly managed blog can generate a return on investment (ROI). For that very reason, it makes sense to hire a blog writer with experience. The Blog: Inbound Marketing Foundation & Frame Solid inbound marketing generally rests upon a solid blog. If you want a solid blog, you need solid copy, or text. The copy … Read more Hire a Blog Writer with Experience

Improve Traffic and Conversions with a Website Content Audit

A business website content audit uses metrics.

Does your business website meet your inbound marketing strategy goals? Are you satisfied with how it pulls in traffic and convert visitors to leads and leads to customers? If you do not see the traffic and conversions that you would like to see, a business website content audit may help you meet your content marketing needs.

Original Words on Your Business Website Attract Search Engines and People

A professional writer can help you with original copy for your website.

With so much content on the Internet, you need to work hard to make your business website stand out from the rest. It needs to tell readers something that they cannot find on a dozen other websites. Your site should read better than the murmur from the masses. Original content, if properly written, can get more visitors to your website and help convert a higher percentage of those visitors to leads and leads to customers.